Covid Locks us down 2nd time around

On Monday 2nd November the government announced new increased national restriction for attacking the covid-19 virus. Unfortunately this means that local grassroots sport is impacted.

So as of Thursday 5th November there will be no hockey activity from Marton Furness HC for at least 4 weeks and further announcements from the government and England Hockey.

What you need to do

We hope that everyone will remain safe and follow the guidelines but we want you all to stay fit and ready to come back fighting when we get back to the pitch.

  • Keep in toch with team mates

  • Stay fit and get your friends and team mates involved using virtual means

  • Stay social - share your club activity on our social media

  • Do something for your community on behalf of the club and tell us about it

We are here for you too

Your welfare team and your committee are always here to listen, to chat or whatever you need. If you feel that you are struggling during lockdown please contact us. Your welfare team are Kev, Marko and Ali and you can always get in touch with any committee member.

See you on the otherside!

Follow the England Hockey news feed on Covid here

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